Tips for a budget-friendly home makeover

Who said a great home decor costs a fortune ? In fact it costs nothing! All it requires is zeal for reinventionSmall decorating DIY projects and recreating from what you already have can give brand new look to your space. Learn how to combine affordable ideas and easy bargains to create a decor which looks like it is straight from a professional interior decorator. Browse these ideas and hit flea market & discount stores  to discover  affordable treasures for your home. 

Flea markets treasures:

Hidden finds from flea market can create a picture-perfect home. Thrift store furnitures, vintage photo-frames, antique ceramics, vintage artworks and old lamps can be reused to create an antique charm to your home. You just need to go with the flow of your creative ideas!

 ( Image Credit : Chuzai Living )

    Recreate old furniture with DIY ideas

Someone's trash could be someone else's treasure. A neglected piece of table can be revamped with a coat of color.These beautiful pieces of furniture look like brand new thanks to the fresh coat of paint and bright cushions. Adding a set of new knobs is a small change which makes a big difference to furniture. So, no need to buy new stuff, you already have everything you need! 

Pair of unused furniture given an entirely new look with paint 
( Home: Shrinkhala Dixit ) 

 Upcycled Crafts 

Revamp the hidden antiques in your home with savvy and affordable ideas.  Old and worn out craft pieces can be given a new look with just few strokes of paint. 

Below is an example of  a recycled antique wooden artwork repainted in golden color. 

                                            ( Image Source : Shrinkhala Dixit

Vintage Frames 

Do you have an unframed art lying in your store ? Or did you paint anything during your college years and it has been lying pinned somewhere? Framing your own artwork makes its own statement. Hit a thrift shop and you can be lucky to find some vintage wooden frames for your paintings. Paint them in white color to give a rustic look. Voila! 

Repainted inexpensive wooden frames
(Home: Shrinkhala Dixit)
Gorgeous home should not be just a dream! Use these budget-friendly ideas to give a new personality to your house in the way you love. 


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